The new kindergarten placed in the small village in the centre of the Adriatic island.


Happy to share our current work on kindergarten project located in the centre of the Adriatic island. The plot is situated near the park and the parking lot. 

Building is situated over almost the entire width of the plot, parallel to the street enabling children’s living spaces to be protected from external views, while opening generously toward the south and onto the playground, offering users diverse places for living and teaching in relation with nature and with optimal insolation.

Double-hight roofs offer an analogy with the surrounding houses and allows indirect additional light flow deeper into the building. The “green” patio also brings more light and nature into the common areas of the building.

The multipurpose space, placed in the heart of the building, is a living and gathering place, offering a variety of space usage while teaching.

In addition, use of natural materials (wooden panels, wood wool insulation, natural lime plaster, etc.), reflects an eco-responsible approach. The project combines architectural and functional quality with comfort by integrated furniture. The fit-in furniture creates a calm and warm place for children to learn by play, besides having a functional use (seats, storage, hangers…).

Double-hight spaces with glazed openings introduce natural light over the main corridor and common spaces, but also have a bioclimatic role, by heating the kindergarten during winter (greenhouse effect), and by naturally ventilating the building during summer.

Open playgrounds are equipped with climbing and sliding toys, but as well with garden beds were children can learn about plants and gardening.