Re-thinking east waterfront of Split city harbour


The main idea of our masterplan proposal for reconstruction of East waterfront of Split city harbour, which was awarded with the first prize by the jury in recently finnished public competition, is to perserve and reshape main functions of the main dalmatian port (all the means of traffic: pedestrian, car, bus, train and boat traffic) and link it with newly planned diverse outdoor and indoor functions. Concieved concept allowes quick and smooth mobillity when needed but also parallely enabling slow strolling trought raised walkway wich connects historical center with city beach Bačvice and adjacent green and recreation areas.

Existing park areas are being perserved and connected by green flow of trees added along the walkway creating much needed shade and defining resting niches, with few larger green areas perpendiculary inserted in couple of places.

All vechicle traffic (car, train, bus) is kept on the piers level and under the raised pedestrian street, alowing quick interchanging of means of transportation by flowy roads, centrally placed terminal building, public garages placed on area edges and also by elevators, escalators and stairs connecting sea level with walkway level.

Conceptually, raising pedestrian street above sea and traffic level alowed creation of new spaces housed with diversity of uses and activities needed to make this area an attractive, lively and citizen apealling. Throught analisys of activities, borders, buildings, mobillity, accesibility, inclusivness etc., we proposed diverse content of multypurpose public buildings housing everything from terminal building, local food market, diverse restaurants and cafes, brand and design shops, tourist bureau, Croatian railways museum, souvenir shop, Museum of contemporary art with landart roof intervention, diferent types of offices, art and crafts practices, sport and recreational facilities, accompanying garage and service spaces.

Everything planned will enable a healthy, sustainable, functional and more beautiful coexistence of the city, its inhabitants as well as their guests.

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Results Of Public Competition For Conceptual Urban Planning Solution For The City Project East Coast In Split