Re-thinking east waterfront of Split city harbour

The main idea of our masterplan proposal for reconstruction of East waterfront of Split city harbour, which was awarded with the first prize by the jury in recently finnished public competition, is to perserve and reshape main functions of the main dalmatian port (all the means of traffic: pedestrian, car, bus, train and boat traffic) […]

Investing in Urban planning for Successful Project Development

Urban planning is a complex field that is a key factor in the successful development of any building project. An experienced partner in the fields of urbanism and architecture is essential to investors in order to successfully navigate through the complexities of master planning and building practice, so to ensure projects develop compliantly with local […]

Combining traditional architecture with modern living on the Adriatic coast

Working for clients seeking functional and aesthetically pleasing architecture in touch with its surroundings we designed villa that combines Mediterranean style with rich local building heritage. With a careful blend of site specifics, orientations and sea views, a gentle integration into the existing environment was created. Learning from local building heritage, with the use of […]